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SoulSpark is a collection of artwork and musings intended to inspire and delight the soul. Feel free to look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or something to share!

Postcard Project


If you have received a postcard from me, awesome! If you are a public figure or organization, I either admire you (and likely got your address from your e-newsletter), or it’s a poke to get you thinking about these bigger questions (cue politicians and CEOs). 


This ongoing project was created to help expand our thinking about what's possible in the world. Each question is meant to be a little seed that will flower into its answer when the time is right. I get delighted by thinking about how many potential hands the cards have passed through as they make their way through our postal systems. I am based in Vancouver, Canada, and am always looking for people to send them to. If you have not received one, but would like to, send me a message at soulsparklove (@) with your address!

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