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Through the power of intention, art has the ability to be imbued with healing and uplifting energy. By using this sacred process, all of my drawings are created with the intention to help one remember the divine source from which we originate. The end result is meant to instil a sense of wonder and acts as an energetic doorway to higher consciousness. Geometry is the language of creation, and colour is its muse. 


Each of my drawings are completed by hand and begin in pencil and end in ink. Each one is carried out through nearly one hundred hours of focused meditation. Most completed drawings are then scanned and mirrored, creating an effect that is beyond anything that I am able to make consciously. This is the magic of creation at play, and it is always a joy to experience. When we surrender to our higher nature, it has the power to transform us in ways we never could have imagined.


My work centres around exploring our connection to the cosmos and helping humanity to reach its highest potential. I love using art as a means of expressing our ethereal nature in visual form. The intricate nature of my drawings are meant to invoke a sense of wonder and delight, and remind us of our interconnection with all that is. Everything I make is created with the intention to uplift, inspire, and awaken one to the magnificence within.

Click on an image to learn more about the meaning and process behind each piece.

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