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The purpose behind these questions is to encourage new ways of thinking about the world and our future together. In order for change to happen, it must first be imagined in our hearts and minds. Our thoughts and beliefs about our potential are reflected in our everyday reality. These questions remind us that the only limitations we face, both individually and collectively, are those we impose on ourselves. Our evolution is not predetermined. The power to choose is ours. How we decide to view the world is ultimately what creates it.


Our sense of community is one of the greatest indicators of well-being.  Feeling connected to those we share our lives with greatly increases our sense of belonging and trust, and with that our happiness and livelihood.   In many ways, all of humanity is one big family, and the Earth is our home. This planet we live on may be but one spec in all the universe, but it is ours, and we are responsible for the life that exists upon it. We are here to experience this grand adventure called life together. 


These questions have been created as an offering to humanity, and you are encouraged to distribute them freely in any way you can. Leave posters on community boards, send postcards to friends and relatives (or strangers!), or simply leave them around your neighbourhood for others to discover. Use the link to the left to download the questions for sharing.


Postcard Project


If you have received one of these postcards from me, awesome! If you are a public figure or organization, I either admire you (and likely got your address from your e-newsletter), or it’s a poke to get you thinking about these bigger questions (cue politicians and CEOs). 


This ongoing project was created to help expand our thinking about what's possible in the world. Each question is meant to be a little seed that will flower into its answer when the time is right. I get delighted by thinking about how many potential hands the cards have passed through as they make their way through our postal systems. I am based in Vancouver, Canada, and am always looking for people to send them to. If you have not received one, but would like to, send me a message at soulsparklove (@) with your address!

"23 questions," circa 2012

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