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Sometimes words write themselves. They have a way of sharing with you exactly what you need in the moment. When they appear, you almost ask “where did you come from?” 


Such was the case with these. As I was working on the write-up for my “Revolution by Consciousness” drawing, these words flowed out. It was as if they were waiting for the right time to make themselves known, and when they did I could not deny the uplifting essence they carried. 


There is so much we are taught to believe in the world that does not serve us. In fact, the single greatest influence in our life is our belief system. Ultimately, how we view the world is what creates it. Take the time to contemplate what you believe and why you believe it. Make note of the systems of thoughts that serve you, and those that do not. Listen to the truth deep within your soul, and go from there. Lean into what feels expansive, loving, clear, and freeing. Trust yourself.

"A Simple Truth," circa 2014

Art that speaks to your soul...

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