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Children of the Sun - SoulSpark - intuitive art

Children of the Sun

What if our time on Earth was like school for our soul?  What if our experiences, some of which we might call ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ are meant to provide the contrast to help us learn to step into our highest potential?  What if we are really just the universe experiencing itself?


When my awakening journey first began, I kept hearing the words “If I ask the questions, I will find the answers.” From here I I learned that the universe was knowable. This was revelatory for me, as I had been led to believe that the opposite was true. Once I began to consciously examine my fears, and then let them go one by one, my world opened up in miraculous ways. Synchronicities abounded and my understanding of life changed. 


The more I learned, the more questions I would ask. As my reality began to shift, deeper truths emerged. The idea that we are divine beings having a human experience is not only accurate, it is life changing. It is this knowing that brings me peace over and over again.


This drawing is another evolution of “Remember” and carries the vibration of the Great Central Sun. We are indeed children of the universe, here to experience the school of earthly life. We must always remember that we have the power to learn through joy and love, and that choosing to do so is our birthright. Welcome my brothers and sisters!

"Children of the Sun," circa 2014

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