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Cosmic Love - SoulSpark - intuitive art

Deep within the centre of your being, you know this cosmic truth: Love is the Source of All That Is. It is this essential knowing that was the inspiration for this drawing. As I drew, I carried the intention of awakened cosmic love in each stroke, each line, each colour.


The energy that is meant to come through this drawing is nurturing and uplifting. It is always a humbling experience to behold the final mirrored piece, as its power is greater than anything I could have tried to create consciously. I am simply the vessel through which it is expressed. It is my hope that this drawing brings you comfort and reminds you that you are a precious part of the cosmos, and that you are loved unconditionally.


This drawing in particular took over a year to complete. It was a sacred, meditative, labour of love, and took around 100 hours from start to finish.

"Cosmic Love," circa 2019

Art that speaks to your soul...

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