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joyful jubilee

This life is a dance, and the world is our stage. This old adage is more literal than we think. Every creation first began as a thought in someone’s mind. In order for something to exist, it must first be conceived of as an idea, and so we are limited only by what we believe is possible. 


We are powerful creators by nature, and if we are not aware of this intrinsic ability, then what manifests may seem chaotic, random, and coincidental. Alternatively, when we consciously create from a place of knowing who and what we are, life unfolds with more beauty and joy than we can imagine.


For me, the act of drawing with intention has been an incredible experience in co-creation. This is one of my earlier pieces in which I was only starting to scratch the surface of what could unfold. It still holds the frequency of ‘beginnings’ and a sense of freshness about what is possible. 


If your journey is just beginning, may this piece instill a sense of wonder and fortitude in you as you navigate life on your terms and make everything new!

"Joyful Jubilee," circa 2012

Art that speaks to your soul...

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