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Light Unfolding - SoulSpark - intuitive art

Light unfolding

This drawing was the start of it all; the beginning of something which I had never expected to unfold.  It was an experiment of colour, line, thought, and potential.  The idea was to draw with the intention to bring through a certain energy or quality, which was novel to me when I first began. What this meant was that I had to think about what I wanted to bring forth in the drawing.  What did I want people to feel from it?  What effect did I want it to have?  And so I got quiet, meditated for a moment, and wrote these words on the back of the paper “May this drawing help foster an open heart.”


As I drew, I kept my focus on this message, trying not to let my rational mind make any judgments about what I was drawing. I started in pencil, drawing one little shape at a time, and giving no thought to the final outcome. I then used marker and ink to bring it to life, incorporating as much colour as possible. Little did I know that it had much bigger plans than I could have imagined...

When it felt complete, I decided to scan it so I could make some copies of it. As I looked at it on my computer screen, I suddenly had the idea to mirror it. This thought had never occurred to me throughout the entire time I was drawing it. I don’t know very much about computer graphic magic, so this intuitive nudge was something beyond me. With a couple clicks my mind was blown. What appeared were two new images that had a life of their own -- “Soul of the World” and “Believe in Yourself.” 


And thus everything changed.  I would say it’s similar to having your consciousness expand – all it takes is a moment, a revelation, a connection, to change forever what you thought you knew.  Where once there was limitation, there becomes openness, expansion, and infinite potential.

"Light Unfolding," circa 2012

Art that speaks to your soul...

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