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Revolution by Consciousness - SoulSpark - intuitive art


This drawing is the evolution and mirror of “Remember.” When it revealed itself, it also boldly announced its purpose to help us reclaim our sovereignty and power as global citizens. 


Consciousness is everything. It’s the way we interpret the world; our mindset, what we choose to believe (or not), and how we make decisions based on those things. Everything begins with a thought, and so the reality that we experience is unique to each of us. We have much more control over our lives than we realize.


Humanity has made incredible progress, but the secret is that the best is yet to come. And what exactly this looks like, no one really knows – because it’s up to us to create it. And how will it be created? By engaging with one another. By having conversations. By realizing that we don’t know everything, and that that is part of the joy of this human experience…that there is indeed joy in the unknown. And that we are all in this together. Every choice we make affects the whole of Earthkind.


This planet we call home is but a temporary stop amongst a much larger journey. The simple truth is that we are part of something much greater. What that looks like is up to us to decide. If you are to believe in a few things, let one be that the universe is benevolent, and another be that you are here on purpose. Decide that love is your essence, and that everything has meaning. Let your heart guide you and the Earth support you. Strive to find the good in everyone.

"Revolution by Consciousness," circa 2014

Art that speaks to your soul...

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