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Hi, I'm Taylor. Nice to Meet you!

I have been a student of the celestial arts for over a decade, and am endlessly inspired by the beauty of my surroundings. My work centers around exploring our connection to the cosmos and helping humanity to reach its highest potential. I am guided by the belief that the universe is inherently benevolent, unconditionally loving, and infinitely compassionate. It is my hope that the intricate nature of my creations invoke a sense of wonder and delight, and remind us of our interconnection to all things. Described as ‘candy for the soul,’ my offerings are created with the intention to uplift, inspire, and awaken one to the magnificence within.

After growing up on the east coast of Canada, I am blessed to now call Vancouver, BC my home.

Much love,



Hello and welcome!

I’m so glad you found your way here! SoulSpark is a collection of artwork and musings intended to lift the spirit, open the heart, and help expand consciousness. Please take your time and have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or something to share!




Working with malas is one of the most powerful ways to create positive shifts in your life.  Having experienced such transformations first hand, there is no question that they are a wonderful way to assist with whatever issues you might want to overcome or qualities you would like to manifest.

Each mala is unique and no two will ever be the same.  The crystal beads each carry their own energy and vibration and create a special kind of harmony when placed with purpose and intention.  The process of creating a mala is a wondrous journey in itself.  Even though I don’t know who exactly the mala is for when I create it, I know that IT knows who it’s for!  There is a magic to it that is both awe-inspiring and humbling.  It brings me such joy to be able to offer these sacred tools and to assist in sharing the wonder of your greatest potential!

Malas contain 108 beads which are used to help the mind focus while using a mantra of choice.  Mantras are words or sounds repeated to aid concentration in meditation.  Generally a mantra, or affirmation, is chosen and then said 108 times as one moves around the mala.  Doing this every day for 40 days is an especially powerful process in creating the change you wish to experience.  There are indeed many different ways to use a mala, but the best guide is your own intuition.

Custom malas are also available and include a consultation to determine what crystals would be best suited to you.  Feel free to contact me for more information.


Sessions & Readings

What makes your soul spark?

I am truly delighted to be offering one-on-one sessions to help you step into your greatest potential!  Each session will be tailored to your unique needs and will cover any and/or all of the following:

  • Potential:  Explore your greatest dreams and get clear on what steps to take to achieve them

  • Creativity: Heal barriers to self-expression and learn the tools to build a vibrant creative practice

  • Intuition:  What it is and how to use it

  • Meditation:  How to develop a practice that will change your life

  • Intention:  Understand how we create our reality

  • Manifestation:  How to work with the power of synchronicity to attract people and experiences that will enrich your life

  • Boundaries:  Learn how to establish healthy relationships where everyone thrives

  • Energy work:  Learn how to work with energy to clear everything from your emotions and chakras to your home and physical environment

  • Tools for empowerment:  Learn which tools would be most helpful on your path.  These might include crystals, malas, yoga, dance, singing, and anything that helps build strength and belief in oneself.

These sessions are ideal for those who are awakening to the inner calling of their soul.  Whether you are interested in energy work and learning the principles of manifestation, or are completely new to these concepts and just need someone to talk to, our time together will unfold exactly as it is meant to.  This is the magic and beauty that connects us in a deep and powerful way.

It is my hope that you will get all that you need from just one session, and that multiples are not necessary.  It is my goal to help you feel empowered on your journey and to discover the tools that will best assist along the way.

A session lasts about 2.5 hours, and is $200.

Should this offering resonate with you, please feel free to contact me at with any questions, or to schedule a session.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle



Talk to you soon!

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