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Hi there!

How wonderful that you would find your way here. My name is Taylor, and I am so pleased to meet you! My mission is to help humanity step into its highest potential, and the path I am here to share is one of joy, delight, and extraordinary love. I have been doing this work for over a decade, and after much testing, trials, and errors, I know it’s time to share what I have learned so that your path can be a bit easier. My ultimate goal is to help people remember their divinity and realize their creative potential.


Writing and drawing helps me to make sense of the world. They are both therapy for my soul, and as the inner reflects the outer, I have come to learn that what is of benefit to me is often of benefit to another. The experiences we’ve had are an indication of how we are meant to be of service in the world. My creative expression was completely repressed and non-existent until I learned to let go and heal the traumas that made me feel I wasn’t good enough. That which brings us pain is often that which will also liberate us. 


Using drawing to explore the power of intention has been an experiment in pure magic. It has shown me the immense joy that is behind conscious co-creation, and how easy the process of manifestation can be when we are centered and focused on our soul’s desires. Tapping into the essence of what we wish to create illuminates our connection to all that is.


Flowers delight me like nothing else, and crystals captivate me beyond words. My daily meditation practice began in 2008, and with it an ever expanding desire to know and understand the cosmos. I am eternally optimistic, and find inspiration in everyone and everything. Exploring consciousness is my jam, and it guides everything I do. Our life is a mirror of what we believe to be possible, so I do my best to embrace those things that make me grow and feel expansive. I love thinking about the big questions and meaning of life. I am guided by the belief that the universe is inherently benevolent, unconditionally loving, and infinitely compassionate. All of my offerings are created with the intention to uplift, inspire, and awaken one to the magnificence within.


In terms of who I am in this lifetime, here’s a little background: I am fortunate to call Canada my home, and this is a blessing I am grateful for every day. I grew up in Ontario, went to university in Nova Scotia, and now live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I also have family in Newfoundland and dream about the wild blueberries there often. I have a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, and a keen interest in sociology, politics, and human potential. 


It is an honour to be of assistance on your journey, and I am happy to help in any way that I can. May you be blessed in all ways, for always, and find something of value in what I share.


Much love,




Talk to you soon!

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