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I love us. I love all that we are, and the journey we are on. Times are changing, and this is good news. Being open and receptive to the divine synchronicities that are always guiding us helps us glimpse the infinite compassion that we are held in. Regardless of how chaotic and disruptive and uncertain things may seem, there is meaning behind it all, and life is unfolding with our highest good in mind. Our evolution is the guiding force that determines our current state of affairs. The dismantling of old structures and systems of oppression are coming to the forefront so that we may recognize them for what they are: fear based realities that exist to create more fear.

The irony is that we are safer and smarter than ever before, having access to the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips. Anyone on the spiritual path quickly recognizes that the contrast of what we ‘don’t want’ helps us to get clear on what we do want. Everything has its purpose. The challenge lies in not getting stuck in these sticky spots. Learn what you need to learn, bless the lesson, and move on. There is so much joy here waiting for us if we have the eyes to see it. It is within every breath, every heartbeat, every sunset, every drop of rain.

We came here for this glorious and messy and crazy experience, and ultimately it is what we make it. There is much work to do, and we are equipped with all that we need to do it.


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